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Adoption Agency: Gidgets run by Gidgets

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Gidgets are friendly little winged lizards, what some might call dragons even though none of them breathe fire.
They are roughly the size of a dog and just a little smarter.

Gidgets love to cuddle more than anything, and despite the claws and horns none of them are at all dangerous.

Gidgets are opportunistic breeders. Given half a chance a male and female gidget will mate, producing up to three gidglets at a time.
So if you own more than one Gidget either watch them close or invest in some shells found in our store.

If you find yourself having more gidgets than you can handle, you can help the Gidget repopulation project.
This careful process of releasing Gidgets back into their native environment is taking place on the FaeKind island, through the help of the Gidget Reserve.
Please visit the Gidget Trade In Center and its corresponding Trade In Store for more details.