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Adoption Agency: ~Air~Fish~ run by Garney

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Genetic patterns

2011 Updates, new Eel types, and introduction of Open Ground spawning.

~Air~Fish~ are a rather peculiar breed of critter found on the same island where the FaeKind reside.

Unlike regular fish, these fish live exactly how their name implies - in the air.
They have an ability to float through the air as they please, though they are not immune to gravity at all.
Indeed, it takes some practice for young fish to learn how to 'swim' through the air.

The basic ~Air~Fish~ has the intelligence of a young gradeschool child,
and much the same sort of curiosity and innocent wonder.
Despite this limited intelligence, many fish manage to speak using telepathy.

When people began exploring this island the fish were very friendly and took to them.
Sometimes they are there when you don't want them, they keep just hanging around no matter what you do.

How to get a fish
Most fish are obtained through breeding.
Though, particularly when a new type is caught, Garney makes them available on the market.
A bauble was even found that can attract a fish matching what you want if you concentrate hard enough.

~Air~Fish~ produce eggs by combining their natural magic with the proper conditions of the spawning grounds.
At least one fish is required, with a male and female being the natural pairing.
However, there are Baubles which allow for single fish or same gender spawnings.

Baubles are globes of concentrated magic that are used up after one use.
They are not required for spawning, they just guarantee that certain things happen.
For example, a female bauble guarantees the spawned offspring is female.
Each fish may bring one bauble to the spawning location per spawning
(thus a male bred three times may bring three different baubles to each separate spawning).

When the spawning grounds are right, fish must secure a spawning location.
A lot of factors in the offspring depend on the quality of the location,
and there are only so many places on the spawning grounds.

For all fish: Females may only breed once per spawning.
Males may be involved in up to three spawnings.
One egg is the normal result, twins are more rare.