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Adoption Agency: Wind Surfers run by Wind Surfers of SGA

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Wind Surfers are part of Shadow Gate Adoptables (SGA) http://shadowgate.jimdo.com/

Wind Surfers are small furry mammals similar in initial appearance to Earth's Sugar Gliders.  Wind Surfers have been found in both natural and unnatural colorations, and seem to range in size from the size of a sugar glider to the size of a large house cat.  There are a variety of mutations as well, not all of which have been discovered yet.

Wind Surfers seem to love stealing things and hoarding them, and anything they can get at seems to be fair game.  Aside from this they have their own distinct personalities, likes, and dislikes.  Their diet is quite extensive and so far they seem willing and able to devour anything, so feeding is simply a matter of personal taste preference.

The reproduction is similar to Sugar Gliders in as much as they can carry two separate litters at once.  So a female could conceivably have offspring by multiple fathers.    We are still investigating but so far we suspect that breeding results are affected by a number of things including; Diet, Socialization habits, Lifestyle and Habitat.  These seem to affect everything from litter size, mutations, and even colors to an extent.  More research will need to be conducted to get a clearer picture of how the different factors work together to affect the offspring.

Initial sketches of Adults,Baby, and mutations by Leah Tribal (PonyIsland).

Complete templating of lines, mutations and Glider and Agouti markings for all stages by Silvanon.