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Adoption Agency: Tarakona Ormr run by Tarakona Ormr

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Tarakona Ormr is a adoptable made up of multiple types of fantasy adoptables. Currently only the Unilupes are released but more will be released as they are discovered. The art work will be done by various artists and in various styles. If you only follow one species thats okay, you can still do everything with the adopt no matter which part of the adopt you follow.

Unilupe Back story:

Once upon a time the unilupes where a part of this place. However they dissapeared for some unknown reasons. But now they are back and things have changed a bit with them. How they breed is different and now they wish to do competitions with us as partners. But they need help if they are to survive. Will you help them?

Tarakona Ormr dragon back story: To be updated as they get released


Breeding info is the same for the dragons and the Unilupes

Now that the Tarakona Ormr can breed again they need the Kule's. Each Kule had a specific color depending on gender as well as what it does.

-The pure puple Kule is given by females to the one they wish to have eggs with

-The pure red Kule is give by males to the one they wish to have eggs with.

-The middle of the Kule's can modify the out come of a breeding. The Tarakona Ormr have no idea why this is true, but they assume it is magic.

-They have found a gold centered Kule produces the rare identical/fraturnal twins.

-The teal centered Kule produces the even rarer identical/fraturnal triplets.

-For those Tarakona ormr that don't want to breed together but want eggs(pups), they have found that the rainbow colored Kuel brings lost eggs(pups) to them.

-Even the Lonely Tarakona ormr that has no mate has a Kule with a black center. They find abandoned eggs(pups) that somehow have the colors or markings of the Tarakona ormr looking for a egg(pup).

With experimenting with this new type of object the Tarakona ormr have realized that unless each Tarakona ormr presents 2 orbs that there is a chance the breeding will result in no eggs(pups).While the parents are sad about this they are also excited at the prospect of the eggs that can result from the kule's. They even get their Kule's back if there are no eggs(pups). Whatever magic grants them power must love the Tarakona Ormr race by letting them keep the Kule's.

They have also found out that whatever orbs do not work but eggs are produced they crack and produce fragments which you can keep. Should you get 4 Kule fragments a new Kule appears.


Each creature will come with their own scroll that has stats assigned.

Each competition focuses on which stats are being used. as well as a Over all Championship for anyone to enter.

Fight competition: Focuses on Strength which is made up of the Attack and Defense stats.
Fighting is done as a 1 on 1 battle with rounds. Each round dice are rolled to see who wins. Rounds happen until there is one victor.

Race competition: Focuses on Dexterity, which is made up of accuracy and mobility stats.
Races are done by groups of 5 (sometimes this is changed to work with entrants)
Same thing as fighting, dice are rolled till a winner is found.

Magic competition: Focuses on Knowledge and will stats.
Magic competitions are done a little differently. They are done similar to fighting in the way things are 1 on 1. However if you choose to rp what your character is doing then you get a small bonus roll.

Magic is not fighting with magic what it is is actually showing us what the creature can do with magic, can it make fire? can it produce roses? that sort of thing.

Championship competition focuses on all the stats.
This is pretty self explanatory. Done in rounds, dice rolls are what choices to win.

Every week you may train in one stat. To do so you will roll a 1D30 and if you roll a 1-5 the stat goes up by 2 6-12 it goes up by 1 and 13-30 it doesn't go up at all.

All dice rolls except training rolls are ones i do with actual dice I will be rolling each by hand and if people want pictures they are more then welcome but ill be keeping records by paper of what I roll and hubby will be helping me. i love dice and this gets me a chance to use my dice lol.


F A Qs

How many Eggs(pups) can come from a breeding?
---Anywhere from 1-3 eggs(pups) Very rare can pups number 4-5.

How many Kule's can a Tarakoba Ormr bring to a breeding?
---Each Tarakoba Ormr can bring up to 2 Kule's. If one Tarakoba Ormr has a Kule and the other does not then you have a 25% chance of a successful breeding.

How many Kule's of one type can each Tarakoba Ormr bring?
---They can bring 1 of each type except for the basic Kule. They may bring 2 of those if they wish as their 2 Kule's.

If a breeding fails do I lose my Kule's?
---No. Kule's are kept except when a succesful breeding happens.

My Tarakoba Ormr had eggs(pups) but I did not get twins but a broken Kule what do I do with it?
---When your Tarakoba Ormr has eggs9pups) but the Kule in question failed then you get a Kule fragment. When you get 4 fragments of a single type you can return them for a new Kule at no cost.

How do you choose which Kule's work if the breeding is sucessful?
---Well all orbs have a 25% chance of working. Say Tarakoba Ormr 1 brings a basic orb and Tarakoba Ormr 2 brings a basic orb and a twin orb. Thats 75% chance the breeding is successful. Lets say it was. Well the basic orbs are used and gone because they don't do anything special but let a breeding happen. But the special Kule which is the twin one gets rolled. It has a 10% chance of being successful. If it is you get twins. If it is not you get a twin kule fragment.

How is the 10% chance decided?
---Well we thought we would bring something different in. The user that is requesting the breeding and using either the twin or the triplet Kule will get to choose 10 numbers from 1-100. They can be random or a sequence. When the dice is rolled if it lands on a number you have chosen you win :)

What If I want a same sex breeding?
--- Well this is where you are lucky. The Kule's do not care about gender except by who is giving the Kule. Meaning a purple Kule is given by females and it can be given to females or males.

Can I breed anytime I want?
---No there will be breeding seasons but they will randomly happen.