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Adoption Agency: Wisps run by ~Wisp~

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These critters are natural light-weavers, often using the soft glow from their gems to lure unknowing travelers off their path. Mischievous little creatures, they adore pranking the unsuspecting kin who wander past. Everything from rushing past to whip up a little breeze and send skirts and cloaks flying, to mysterious sounds, missing items, whatever they can do to find a bit of amusement.

Wisps are gentle, despite their love of trouble. Many have grown to be incredibly curious of the kin, lately, and will occasionally approach one who catches their interest. Once they've become curious about a kin, they can become great companions, if the kin can manage to keep them there.

Recently, the number of Wisps bonding with kin have increased greatly. They've become very common as pets, though they still retain that streak of mischief. Owners of these critters may find things moved or missing around their home, but the little creatures always mean well.