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Adoption Agency: Octopuss run by Octopuss

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Original Artwork: Solistia
Coloring/Event Runner: PonyMama
Item Artwork: Solistia

The Octopuss was created after Solistia watched a documentary on Octopi while house-sitting for her Mom, she just started doodling some cute little creatures, based on the style of cute japanese food artwork. One sketch turned into 2, turned into 6, turned into 3 more species of combining all known existing cephalopods (4) and felines.

You can see more in-depth information, along with previews of all Cephaline poses, on the Octopuss website located here:


Please be sure to read the RULES! All rules found on the website apply to all Octopuss threads, and if you are caught breaking the rules, you'll be held responsible for your actions, even if you have decided to not read them.