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Adoption Agency: Gliders run by Gliders

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Gliders are a fantasy dragon-style adoptable that comes in every colour possible, with many mutations and markings. They have a wide variety of premade markings, as well as custom markings becoming more easily available. These are a highly unique adoptable because of the many options, you will likely see no two completely alike!
The gliders have an egg stage and adult male and adult female lines. The egg stage is only used for breedings. Now we are an agency, Gliders can be traded for anything.
Here is a link to the agency page -Click, which contains all the old information that can now be seen here, as well as the custom forms and markings list.

The art is by xxarq, from PI. This includes all the original mutations and the lines and shading.
New mutations are templated by SkySong and CrystalAngelNeko, each mutation credited on the mutations list.
Item art is by Bunraku.

More will be added here later! I hope that everything runs smoothly. If anyone has any questions or suggestions please send me a pm!