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Adoption Agency: FCFC run by FCFC

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FCFC - Feline and Canine Fanciers Club

The FCFC adopts out high standard felines and canines to the public of Secundi.
They come in many wonderful natural colours and patterns, we hope you'll take one home!

- FCFC Management


.Rules and Info.

[General Info & Website]
To go to our website [click here].
On this site you will find info about all of our breeds as well as all the colors & patterns FCFC currently come in. It's a great resource, especially when ordering yourself a custom pet.

[Event Information]
We will aim to run forum events at least six months each year: in January, March, May, July, September and our big annual holiday event in December. There will always be free events included to make sure new people can easily join in. Other months will be alternately filled with Breeding Season and Competitions. It is optional that other events will also occur in those months.

[Trading Information]
FCFC pets can be traded for anything with any Secundi USR, they cannot be traded to someone offsite (without a Secundi account).

[Custom Information]
It is possible to buy custom pets with SG or USD. If you are interested in this, please [click here] to go to our Sales Thread where you will find all you need to know, like slots, forms and pricing.

[Breeding Information]
Any male and female pair can breed together. However, there are different rules and regulations for different types of breeding. You'll find everything you need to know in the sections below.

[Breeding Seasons]
FCFC has three breeding seasons per year, in February, June, and October.

In each season you may breed one pair, unless otherwise stated (either feline or canine).
The pair will have 1-4 babies.
You may keep two babies for yourself, the others have to go to new homes.
Babies will grow two weeks from the date added to the site.

[Out of Season Breeding]
To breed out of season you must have a bed. There are two types of beds: breeding beds (red) and bonus beds (blue).
Breeding beds are free to turn in and can be used for any M/F pair including crossbreeding.
Bonus beds cost 25K to turn in and can only be used for a "A" quality pair of the same breed.
Each pet can only have one ungrown out of season litter at a time.

Beds can only be used once with a single pairing, that pair will have 2-3 babies. You may still keep only two for yourself.
You can submit one out of season breeding at a time. Once it is complete, you can submit another.

Got an out of season bed? Send in this form to the FCFC account to use it.
Code: [Select]

[b]Out Of Season Breeding[/b]
[b]Type of bed:[/b] Breeding Bed (red, free)/Bonus Bed (blue, 25K)
[b]Link to mom:[/b]
[b]Mom owner?:[/b]
[b]Link to dad:[/b]
[b]Dad owner?:[/b]

[b]Cattery/Kennel name and Prefix?:[/b] (only add if you're breeding a pair from a cattery or kennel).

[Mixed Breeding]
You can breed any two cats and any two dogs together, however a mixed breed baby cannot be part of a Kennel/Cattery. The parents will still remain "A" quality and can stay in a Cattery/Kennel. Crossbred babies will have the Moggie (cat) or Mutt (dog) lineart and be considered "B" quality. Any pet that is not "A" quality cannot be part of a Cattery/Kennel and will also be at a disadvantage when participating in competitions.

Inbreeding is frowned upon as it comes with health risks. However, it is allowed and can happen if you want it to. Each time you breed two related pets together it will result in both parents dropping in quality first (from "A" to "B", from "B" to "C" etc.), then the babies dropping down one level further (so they will be "C" at best). Any pet that is not "A" quality cannot be part of a Cattery/Kennel and will also be at a disadvantage when participating in competitions.

[Markings, Colours & Line Edits]
Markings and colours can pass as a mixture, but as we try to stay real to how dogs and cats breed you could end up with something unexpected.

Line edits will pass with a chance of 50/50 done by random roll.

[Merle/Merle Breeding Risks]
If anyone is willing to risk a Merle/Merle breeding their options will be as follows:
Healthy - A quality
Healthy/Sterile - B quality
Blind/Sterile - C quality
Deaf/Sterile - C quality
The more issues, the more white these babies will have on them

We run three competitions each year, in April, August and November.
Pets registered with kennels/catteries will get a +1 bonus in competitions.
All pets less than "A" quality will be penalized (-1 for "B" quality, -2 for "C" etc).

A pet that wins in all areas; Performance, Agility (Race), Beauty and Behavioral is awarded the title of Champion. If they also had at least three "A" quality children you can call them an Elite Champion. If a pet reaches Champion status it will be noted in their Agency info box.

Champions will get a +3 bonus in future competitions. If you own a cattery/kennel they will get a +1 baby bonus.

[Catteries and Kennels]
You can own your own Cattery/Kennel if you want. This will give you a bonus bed (blue) once a month (two if you own both a Cattery and a Kennel). All pets bred by you can have your Cattery/Kennel name in the Agency info box so people will know who bred them. Only official Cattery/Kennel pets may use a prefix in their names.

[Starting a Cattery/Kennel]
ᴥ Have a site or post in the notary office stating your kennel/cattery standards and terms.
ᴥ Have at least three "A" quality examples of the same breed.
ᴥ Have bred at least one "A" qaulity litter of that breed.
ᴥ A USR may only have one Cattery and one Kennel.

To register a kennel/cattery, PM this to the FCFC account.
Code: [Select]
[b]Kennel/Cattery Application[/b]
Cattery/Kennel Name:
Link to Standards/Terms: (Site or Post)
A Quality Pet#1:
A Quality Pet#2:
A Quality Pet#3:
A Quality Bred Pet:

You can add as many breeds as you want to your kennel/cattery using the above requirements. There is no need to notify us after we've approved your original application. Only "A" quality pets can be part of a Cattery/Kennel.

ᴥ Each Cattery and each Kennel will receive one free bonus bed each month.
ᴥ Pets registered in a Cattery/Kennel receive a +1 bonus in competitions.
ᴥ Champions registered in a Cattery/Kennel receive a +1 baby bonus when bred.

[List of Official Catteries]
*Aralie's Phoenix Fire Cattery
BabyKittenCandy's WinterHaven Cattery
Country's Eternal Inspiration Cattery
*CutieePiee's Purring with Pride Cattery
D.eirdre's Shadow Creek Cattery
*hiyoko's Forever Haven Cattery
*Kadana Sorano's Soft Pride Cattery
Kahlira's Dark Desire Cattery
Rosedawn's Candy Corn Cattery
Rosewood's Butterfly Falls Cattery
*Scullisto's Sleepy Hollow Cattery
sera's Checkmate Cattery
*Solistia's The Shortest Cattery
springacres' Talullah Cattery
*toffeeca's Tea Garden Cattery
Wildfilly94's Misty Shores Cattery
YourLoveOnly's Blue Skies Cattery

[List of Official Kennels]
*Aralie's Phoenix Fire Kennel
CrystalAngelNeko's Happy Hellions Kennel
*CutieePiee's Wagging With Joy Kennel
D.eirdre's Shadow Creek Kennel
*hiyoko's All American Kennel
Kahlira's Dark Desire Kennel
*Kadana Sorano's Inspirational Tails Kennel
Rosedawn's Sweet Blossom Kennel
Rosewood's Butterfly Falls Kennel
*Solistia's The Fluffiest Kennel
*toffeeca's Tea Garden Kennel
Wildfilly94's Misty Shore Kennel
YourLoveOnly's Everlasting Friend Kennel

* denotes inactivity

[Staff List]
The shop is owned by Wildfilly94, but run by an entire team of people. PonyMama, YourLoveOnly, Rosedawn and Leafy make up the rest of the staff. All of us help run this shop in various ways like coloring, running events, keeping things organised etc.

[Artist Credit]
Feathered/Star Dragon from PI created for us the following breeds: Bobtail, Bullmastiff, Burmese, Chihuahua, Curly, Exotic, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Keeshond, Labrador, Longhaired, Maine Coon, Miniature Pinscher, Persian, Pitbull, Pomeranian, Poodle, Ragdoll, Rottweiler, Scottish Fold and Sphinx.
Akara from PI created for us the following breeds: Moggie, Munchkin, Mutt, Norwegian Forest Cat, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Serengeti, Pug, German Shepherd Dog, Australian Shepherd, Siberian, Balinese, Chinese Crested, Italian Greyhound, Singapura and Saluki.
PonyMama from Secundi created for us the following breeds: Show-Clip Poodle
Blue from FCFCShop created for us the following breeds: Standard Poodle
CrystalAngelNeko from AAA created for us the following breeds: Shiba Inu and Somali.