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Adoption Agency: Elenaria run by Elenaria

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On a surprisingly cool summer night, the stars fell from the heavens.  A shimmering sea of light arced across the sky, spirals of colors that plummeted towards the ground.  The stars were drawn to earth by need.  They pulsed, a flourish of light and sound.  All that remained was to wait for those who might hear their song.

Corlanna skipped through the field of flowers, enjoying the scent of them even as she made her way to the next copse of trees.  Her hands trailed over the bark of the trees, feeling what they felt, accepting their knowledge.  They were happy, they were content.  They were... Worried.  She frowned, pausing in her trek to place both hands against the ancient heartwood tree.  Something distant had fallen.  Something had disturbed the land and lulled it.  She faced the north and sprinted off, bounding like a deer through the trees.

Saevia found herself humming a melody she didn't know, something low and longing.  She paused in her herb gathering, leaving back on her heels and glancing around at the large trees surrounding her.  It was a beautiful song, but it made her heart ache.  She rose, bringing her basket with her and turning to the east.  There was something calling her.

Raeris held his arm steady as the falcon dropped towards him, talons outstretched.  It hit his arm hard, but though its feet closed, it did not pierce the leather gauntlet protecting the elf's flesh.  The bird turned, staring straight into his eyes and he felt the raptor's knowledge pass through to him, a bright flare of information and memory.  The bird screamed, a high keening sound and he did as it wanted, tossing it up into the air.  The west: he was needed.

The three converged upon the same place and paused as they saw each other.  Corlanna recovered first, giggling at her slightly older siblings and waving cheerfully at them.  Raeris lifted a hand in greeting, moving closer to his sisters.  The triplets were united again.

Together, they faced the clearing and the sparkling song that awaited them there.

Nestled in the deep, emerald grass, a plethora of large colorful, star-like objects waited, humming in anticipation of those approaching.  Raeris stepped forward first as Saevia caught their sister's arm to keep her from darting in without a care.  Corlanna shifted excitedly until Raeris waved that it was safe for them, then the three approached the eggs reverently as the first of them cracked and a coppery horn emerged.  A unicorn appeared, made of twilight and stars, and she perked long ears towards the three elves before daintily making her way to Raeris.

Saevia glanced at her brother with a smile, and caught Corlanna's hand once more.  She squeezed once and turned her sister towards one egg, then reached out to another.  They had a duty laid upon them, she knew, to find fitting homes for these beautiful creatures: Elenaria, the song of the stars.

(Elenaria do have a ratio of rarity. This is our ideal ratio that we are striving to stick to.

7/10 = Females
3/10 = Males

1/10 = Fantasy
1/50 = Fantasy Marking)