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Adoption Agency: Storm Chasers run by SGA

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Welcome to Storm Chasers (SC's), an SGA run horse adoptable.

Sc's are tradeable/sellable, for any currency or items you wish.

We run our own competition/showing events in addition to the ones you can already do here on Secundi.  We will hold those in the forums, and participation is voluntary, you can own an SC and never compete if you want.  Your SC's are also breedable.  The "points" that the parents have earned can effect the foal, giving it an advantage when starting out in it's own eventing career.  Your SC's have 6 stats separate from the regular Secundi stats.  these stats are what will be used when you enter competition events on the forums.

For more information regarding competitions, visit this page: http://shadowgate.jimdo.com/storm-chasers-eventing-information/

Storm Chaser's came to us via a portal.  They are extremely intelligent, and can communicate telepathically with you.  We suspect that they have other abilities as well, but so far they have kept them hidden if they do.  There is currently only one "breed" of SC's discovered, but who knows what we may find wandering through the portals in the future?  To see the complete log for the "discovery" of the SC's, please visit this page: http://shadowgate.jimdo.com/storm-chasers/

For more information on the portals, and SGA in general, you may visit the SGA website by clicking the banner at the top.


The Storm Chasers were created by Wild_as_thunder (Watty) on Pony Island.  They are a set of horse (Arabian) lines consisting of one male and one female adult, one unisex foal.  There are bridles for the adults, halter for the foal, and a bale of hay/straw and a bucket of oats.  Watty was originally selling the adult male piece, but consented to create the rest for me as well.  These will be the first SGA lines to be debuted on the Secundi site as well as on PI.  The first 3 certed horses were also colored by Watty, as their certs reflect.

Jingle Bell Ribbons/Tress's were made by Indigowulf

Racing/Champion Silks were made by Indigowulf.  They are for SC's who max out their level, in effect reaching champion status.

Scrolls created by Kadana.

Apples initially created by Kadana, but redone by Rosewood.

Naming item (Bucket of paint and brush) created by YourLoveOnly.


Customs Thread (Open): http://www.secundi.net/forum.php?topic=3691.0
Stat Allocation: http://www.secundi.net/forum.php?topic=8619.0
Breeding: http://www.secundi.net/forum.php?topic=8621.0