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Adoption Agency: The Kennel run by TheKennel

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Welcome to The Kennel!

Here we train, breed, and adopt out realistic dogs
in an attempt to be as close to a real dog kennel as possible.
You can specialize in a particular breed or adopt all kinds of dogs.

Head to the Market to see if we have any dogs to adopt out.
Or snag yourself a Tag It item to order your own.
The latest Market thread will say if we're accepting tags.

Everyone loves puppies!
Check the Market for a current thread to see if breeding is open.
All you need is a male and a female of the same breed.
Please wait a month before making another breeding request.

We have our own site competitions in addition to the Secundian ones.
Please check TheKennel website for how to sign up.
Points earned can buy Tag Its and items.

Make your own Kennel
At any time you can "upgrade" from a simple dog owner
and build your own unique kennel.
This allows you to sell items and dogs for any currency,
and may give other benefits during Kennel events.

Visit the Website