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Adoption Agency: Little Chimaera run by Little Chimaera

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Little Chimaera is an adoptable based on the theme of magical chimaera. In this case, a chimaera is a cross breed between two or more animals that wouldn't normally be able to interbreed. These chimaera are produced by mages for any number of specific tasks.

The shop is set in a massive scale city, where technology and magic sit side by side on a daily basis. A real world example of the kind of scale would probably be Lagos, in Nigeria. Currently, our city doesn't have a name. (Maybe you could suggest one?). The city is expansive. On one border, the coast. Another, the estuary of a great river. At its back is a huge elven forest. The borders of the forest exist much like park land, but the core is a secret place, and only certain people are permitted inside by its curators. There's a large and prosperous uptown centre to the city, a hub of travellers and tourists. And then there's the slums, which extend onto the beach and out onto the water of the estuary.

In the process of updating how to get customs ^_^

We will be using a waiting list for regular breedings from now on. You will be contacted by a staff member when it is your turn ^_^

Thread: Coming!

Info for breedings:(Revising)
- Base of 1-3 kits decided by dice roll
- You can only keep 1 kit from each breeding normally
- You have two weeks to trade/give away extra kits
- The passing of markings will be slightly different depending on the colourist
- Only one plus one charm can be used per breeding
- It takes one week for the kits to go from baby to adolescent and another week for them to get to adult (Flits take 2 weeks to go from baby to adult because they don't have an adolescent stage)

Kage - The All Powerful (Aka Creator) (currently on hiatus for an unknown time frame)
Aralie - Colourist/Event Runner
SkySong - Colourist/Event Runner/Current Head
Artlver - Possible Colourist