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Adoption Agency: Okibi Caballi run by Ryuukokoro

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The Okibi Caballi welcome you!

These pony-sized creatures are part equine and part Japanese kitsune, a mystical fox creature with multiple tails. The Okibi are as intelligent as human beings and, for the most part, enjoy a simple life of peace and amiability. They have the ability to speak many languages, including those of humans, and often choose one close friend to bond with throughout their lives.

Getting an Okibi
Okibi are not hard to get, though some types are more rare than others. Events held in the General Booths will have Okibi looking for homes. Breeding Okibi is also fairly easy, and another way to get an Okibi. Generally customs are not open for bribes, but when an artist has time they will make a thread in the Trading or General Booths forums.

Trading Okibi
These ponies love making new friends, so they don't mind bonding with a new partner. Okibi can be traded for other adoptables/items and other online currency. They can only be sold for USD with permission from Ryuukokoro, as she has to check with the original artist.

Okibi are energetic little creatures and babies show up often, but they don't breed in a normal sense. In order to reproduce, Okibi approach magical Foxfires in pairs. The Foxfire will then take their spiritual and physical qualities into itself and create a baby with a blend of these characteristics. To be added to the breeding list, post in this thread.

Okibi Genes
Okibi have a certain set of body markings, s-genes, that can be either visible or carried and have the ability to pass on to babies. An s-gene can either be visible (SS) or carried (Ss) or absent (ss). If both parents have a visible gene, the baby will also have it visible (baby will get S from each parent). If one parent has a visible gene (SS) and one doesn't (ss), the baby will carry that gene (Ss). If both parents carry the same gene, the baby can get an S or an s from each parent. Therefore it has a 25% chance of it being visible (SS, S from both parents), 50% of it being carried (S from one and s from the other), and 25% chance of neither (ss, s from both parents).

Okibi s-genes are based on PonyIsland s-genes, since they were originally intended to be a PonyIsland race. To see a list of available s-genes, simply click here.

"Unique Markings" are classified as any marking that is not an s-gene. Okibi with Unique Markings are less common than Okibi with s-genes, but Unique Markings will always pass to offspring in some way.

Original art by: Drakohn
Mutations by: Drakohn, Silvanon, CrystalAngelNeko
Shop and coloring by: Ryuukokoro
Guest coloring by: Sunchaser109, Goddesss, CrystalAngelNeko