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Adoption Agency: Painted Unicorns run by Painted Unicorns

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About Painted Unicorns
Painted Unicorns (or Paints for short) are unicorns that come in all colors of the rainbow. Paints come in three main sizes, and a variety of differnet traits. Paints are magical creatures, with several different areas of expertise. You can find more information down below in the Classes & Glories section.  
There are two main types of Painted Unicorns: Traditional Painted Unicorns, which are each individualy hand-drawn and colored with colored pencils, and Tablet Paints, which are templated computer colored Paints.  
Paints also have a cousin species called Zebracorns. Zebracorns have non-straight horns (usually curved back), and will have bat wings instead of feathered wings in the Ni- and Che- classes. Their heads are more roman-nosed, their manes are short and stick up, and they tend to have shorter legs and rounder bellies than Paints. They also generally have striped coats. Zebracorns are fully interbreedable with Paints. Any individual with any Zebracorn blood is considered a Zebracorn, but the Zebracorn traits are more diluted as the Zebracorn blood becomes more diluted. Zebracorns are not templated like Tablet Paints.  
Finally, sometimes individuals pop up who display characteristics not possible in Paints or Zebracorns. These individuals can be wildly different from Paints and from each other, but they are all classified as Specials. Specials don't fit into Classes or Glories. Specials are not templated like Tablet Paints.  
You can see examples of Traditional Painted Unicorns, Tablet Paints, Zebracorns and Specials by searching the Parents List. To see which Classes have been templated for Tablet Paints already please go here: http://www.silvanon.com/PaintParents/tabletclasses.php.

Painted Unicorns staff:

Owner, artist: Silvanon
Manager, Colourist: PonyMama
Colorists: Bunraku, Skysong, Winged and Sunchaser