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A Guide to the Basics
« on: September 04, 2009, 11:20:52 PM »

Secundi is a terrestial planet orbiting a single white dwarf star, closer to white than yellow. It has two moons; one nearer and more of a light brown color, and the smaller one at a further distance appearing a dark charcoal color. All orbits are nice and stable, with the moons maintaining a steady distance from one another in their orbits of Secundi. The moons have not yet been named.

The conditions on Secundi are perfect for the flourishing of living beings, and it sustains an abundant plant life. However, lengthy expeditions have found no animal life of any kind. There are some ruins indicative of past civilizations, but what happened to them and their animals remains a mystery at this time.

Seasonal changes are mild, but noticeable. The weather patterns are stable and as predictable as weather ever can be. Many different regions exist on Secundi, from open grassy plains to deserts and arctic regions. Roughly two-thirds of Secundi is covered in sea water.

Travel to Secundi is acheived through magical portals. Most of these portals exit onto the main continent of the planet which dominates a northern quandrant of the planet. Travel to other continents will be made available to the public by ocean and air, or through stable portals at certain points.

It has been decided that the capital city will be built at the center of this main continent, surrounded by fertile plains and clean waterways.

Refugees seeking a second home are the heart of the matter, and why we named the planet Secundi. Anyone is free to find a home here, and animal companions are encouraged.

Gradually, as we and our animal friends become acclimated to the planet, there will be the transition into becoming a "Secundian." Adapted animals will have special interactive options available only to Secundians. However, "Old World" creatures will always be welcome in our Marketplace.
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A Guide to the Basics
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2010, 03:03:45 PM »
Game Play

To reach the main Secundi site from here, just click on the Secundi banner above.

Navigation Buttons
The Home button will take you to the front splash page.
The Forum button will bring you back here.
The Games button will let you see all the games we have, as well as a button to collect your daily sg allowance.
The Store button is our main site store, it does not contain Adoptable items.
The Search button is a very handy page that lets you look for users, critters, items - just about anything!
The Agencies button links you to all current Adoptable Agencies set up on Secundi. These are system pets, not strictly Marketplace pets.

Account Controls
The Your Account link will take you to a handy control panel of your finances and display page, including pets page ordering. You can also use automatic adoptable items from this panel, such as naming items.
The Display link will show what your current display looks like, as coded from the Your Account link. This is what everyone first sees when viewing your account.
The Pets link will show you all your current Secundi pets. To order these pets, use the link in the Your Account control panel.
The Inventory link shows all your current Agency items, some of which may or may not be automatic use, depending on how the agency operates.
The Competitions link is where you can sign your pets up for Secundian competitions, including the mass sign-up page.


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A Guide to the Forums
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Herald - We post news here, major updates, upcoming updates, expected downtimes, and just about anything we feel is major news. New editions of the Herald are printed whenever we deem necessary, no set schedule at all.

Courthouse - You'll find the rules here, the laws of Secundi written in lovely law books no more than a few pages thick.

You can also write petitions if you have what you think is a good idea or suggestion. There's no guarantee that anything will be done, but we will certainly read them all.

Complaints and bug infestations may also be filed here, or you may do so by PM to one of the Council members:

Chem - Guardian of Air
Garney - Guardien of Fire
Lectral - Guardian of Water
Silvanon - Guardian of Heart
Taruia - Guardian of Earth
Vanyel - Guardian of Lightning

or to one of the Magistrates (moderators).


Town Square - This gathering place is the perfect spot to just hang out and chat with your friends or random passing strangers (remember what Mom said though). Please abide by the chat topic rules, otherwise you're free to post whatever you want.

Gaming Hall - A spacious hall where you can gather with your friends to discuss entertaining pastimes. Feel free to strike up any games that do not involve critters here as well.

Library - Oh look, you're here! The library is full of useful information that doesn't fit into the rules, but you might want to know. If you're confused about something concerning Secundi and can't find it, you can ask for help here and someone will answer you as soon as possible.

Art Gallery - This is for the posting of creative works, usually visual work, but which can also include written excerpts and poems, as well as 'real' media such as jewelry. This is not the place for selling your wares though.

Art Booths - Just outside of the Gallery are the sale booths for artwork. You can buy and sell lineart, sketches, or whatever you wish. Remember, if you're just showing your stuff off, please go into the Gallery, but anything involving pricing should be set up at these booths.


General Booths - If you have brought one or more species of Old World animals with you from another place and wish to share them here, feel free to set up a booth here. You can have whatever sales, auctions, events, games, or contests that you wish.

Trading Booths - Pretty simple, this is the place where Old World animals are traded among owners.

Breeding Areas - Parade your animals around to find the perfect mate for them. Please do not send soliciting messages to other owners if they haven't replied to you in this area first.

Stage Area - Did you just win the most gorgeous animal ever? Parade it up on the center stage for everyone to look!

Help Booths - For those of you who are thinking about bringing an animal to Secundi, but aren't quite ready to jump into the bustling marketplace, you can linger here. Bring a few of your critters for people to look at and get interested, and to see if your critter adjusts to its new home. If you need help with something just ask and people can help you.


Colonist Record Hall - These records are meant to be a quick reference for the reliability of a buyer or seller on the market, which is particularly important during cash transactions. Does the buyer pay promptly? Is the seller timely in the delivery? Please remember to be fair, as others can also give you feedback. We are a community, and this is just another way we can help one another.

Notary Office - The place to bring all of your important contracts and other documents so they may be officially enforced, particularly by Agencies found on Secundi. You may post your contract in the office and have others sign with a comment detailing the transaction. All contracts will be kept in the office for easy reference.

Magistrate's Office - This is the place for more serious issues and complaints, such as art theft and dishonesty in practice. Once an issue is open it is available for community discussion, so please remember this before posting. Also remember that just because an issue arises, it does not necessarily mean that it is true. This is a place for open and honest communication, not hateful flaming. The rules of this office have more details.


Beginner Exploration - A very safe and simple roleplay area for those who don't want anything too in depth, just something fun. Beginners are welcome here to encourage learning how to improve their roleplay and writing skills.

Experienced Exploration - Roleplay with a purpose and a plot, usually of more significant depth and length. More detailed writing is encouraged here, often with posts several paragraphs.

Critter Exploration - A place for the owners to organize roleplay events for their critter shop. Each of these events may have different rules and requirements, so please abide by what is asked if you are going to participate.

Recruit and Organize - Planning a really big expedition? Not sure exactly which route to take? Hang out here to get opinions and people interested before you go traipsing off into the woods.
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